• Being kind to our brain is one of the most important things we can do.


    Yes brain training is a thing and it is amazing.



    It's not just brain training, it's life training, but it starts with the brain.


    Getting the information (or feedback) the brain needs to organize itself, allows the brain to release patterns that can get in the way of it functioning well.

    Have you experienced times when you have felt “on target”, maybe even invincible, untouchable, where you are mentally on your “A game”? Or where you have felt clear, poised, “in the now”? Or maybe warm, safe, connected and loving. During these moments your brain is organized, your CNS is flexible and resilient to whatever challenges it faces, and you’re reaping the benefits in the moment.

    Using NeurOptimal is like having a “defrag” of your hard drive, it’s suddenly easier to get out of your own way and access your “A game”.

    Roadblocks can fall away and life can just seem easier, more in flow.

    (from the neuroptimal website)


    A NeurOptimal session is gentle and passive and consists of wearing ear clips and two small sensors on the sides of your head. These pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. You relax and nap (YES I SAID NAP) and listen to music. It processes your brain signals very rapidly (256 times a second) and when it detects them moving into an “instability”, the music pauses very briefly. That’s it. That’s all that happens. This is the “feedback”.


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  • But why KINDbrain?

    KINDbrain uses the NeurOptimal brain training machine, and adds in a dash of self connecting tools* to support the real world hiccups in between sessions when you need some simple tools to get you back to zen.

    Are you a new mom feeling behind on everything, not present with your baby or struggling with guilt? This is for you.

    Are you a student who cannot focus but doesn't want to use medication? This is for you.

    Are you an athlete or high achieving performer who wants a boost? This is for you.

    Are you on edge a lot and looking to be more calm or less angry or more KIND?

    This is for you.


    *building on the brain training, this includes simple concepts to create new positive neuropathways with your brain. It's easy, I promise.


    **And now we have added biofeedback for the body!**

    We all know the body AND brain are equally important to be able to thrive in this world. We have added the Platinum LED Red Light Therapy &

    the only fully NON TOXIC Sauna Ray Infared Sauna.




  • More DETAILS Please!

    You say one of the reasons NeurOptimal is so safe is that it doesn’t influence any outcome. What does this mean?

    Other neurofeedback systems have goals or outcomes they seek, usually determined in collaboration with the practitioner who is operating the equipment. To meet these goals the software will present you with tasks that you try to accomplish and when you get them right you get “points” in some way. Under the hood, the software is telling your brain to produce more of some frequencies and less of others — these are called augments and suppresses. The idea is that your brain can be pushed into learning to be more like a “normal” (or average) brain. NeurOptimal does not work in this way at all. NeurOptimal does not view your brain as sick or well — in fact, that is irrelevant to NeurOptimal which is a training not a treatment. There are no pre-determined goals (such as getting well), and hence no augments or suppresses. In fact, there is no instruction given to your brain at all. It can do whatever it wants! The idea is to hold up that mirror (NeurOptimal) and let your brain take it from there.

    You say the brain is doing the work, not NeurOptimal. Could a brain be too disturbed or damaged to benefit from NeurOptimal?

    At this point we have had a lot of experience with all kinds of brains, as you can imagine. We have over 3 million hours of research to create this program. We have yet to see a brain that cannot learn from NeurOptimal. It does seem that every brain has within it an innate capacity to learn and hence potentially to benefit from training with NeurOptimal. Luckily it wouldn’t take you long to find out. We say within six sessions you should know if it is helping, and often it can be quicker than that.

    You say many different types of people can work with NeurOptimal for many different reasons and purposes. How can one program do that, especially when there are no settings to change? How can “one size fit all”?

    An excellent question! It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it! The answer is actually quite simple. Let’s go back to the analogy of the mirror. No matter who looks into it, the mirror can always be exactly the same mirror. But every image is going to be different, and even the image of one person is going to be subtly changing, never the same one minute (or second) to the next. NeurOptimal is like that mirror, giving information micro-second by micro-second. Not only will two people never have the same session, no person will ever have the same session twice! It’s impossible because as the brain shifts in response to the information it is getting, the image being reflected back also changes. It’s a unique dance between the person and their own brain, or, described another way, of the brain dynamically dancing with itself. So no, NeurOptimal can never be described as a “one size fits all”.

    Do the results last?

    Once you know how to read, you can’t not know. So yes, it lasts. But if you don’t read for a very long time, you might get a little rusty. Then once you jump back in, you quickly catch up and you’re off!

    NeurOptimal is very like that. Once you have done say 20 sessions, we like to say “you have it in your back pocket”. But if you get thrown off by something happening in your life, a session or two or three can get you right back. You can also stop training any time you want, and pick back up again later. It’s really up to you.

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  • Who runs KINDbrain?

    Kelley Raleigh, CEO and Founder of KINDbrain

    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Kelley Raleigh and I am grateful to have you here. I am a mother and a wife and have had a soul nourishing career as a Director of various youth programs across the country and a Life Coach for teens/parents for over 20 years. I know the challenges of new mom-ness, feeling scattered and, as a professional, wanting to up my A game.
    Lately, I have found this world to have more harshness and less kindness in it while people deal with their unresolved issues (mine included). My intention with KINDbrain is to switch those levels.
    After working closely with hundreds of families over the years, from every demographic, I believe I have seen it all and I want to enhance my work by adding indirect neurofeedback to my playbook because it can benefit everyone.
    I have facilitated leadership retreats, coached groups & individuals and produced local & international volunteer projects with the focus of supporting young people in being their best selves. I have witnessed amazing results. But not until I did my first NeurOptimal session, did I see such huge potential for passively breaking through trauma, depression, anxiety and anger in ways that significantly build on that emotional work.
    I have been involved in the personal growth field for the last 16 years. It will always be a part of my vocabulary and tool box, and the NeurOptimal brain training supplements it like nothing I have ever seen.
    I look forward to seeing how this supports everyone else.
    I am excited to work with you!