KINDbrain Ignite Your Life Party - Sunday, July 14, 130pm LOS ANGELES

KINDbrain Ignite Your Life Party - Sunday, July 14, 130pm LOS ANGELES

$10.00 - $44.00
It is time to ignite your life!

The top desires I hear from my clients are:
Feeling relaxed and confident in their daily lives
More authentic relationships
To make more money & have greater success

All of this comes down to expanding our capacity to handle the difficult moments in our lives with more grace. Taking a moment between stress and response is the grace, it allows for us to stop, breathe and communicate more effectively with others and ourselves. This builds the confidence to be resilient no matter what.

My clients and I brain train to relax the nervous system so that during the difficult moments we can respond more effectively.

The most important time is now. Many people live in the future or the past. Using NeurOptimal helps to bring your body and brain present to the moment. That is where life is happening. This reduces anxiety or depression or even PTSD by allowing the brain to start shifting maladaptive patterns that are not actually allowing us to live our best lives.

So come, relax and experience a lovely event that your brain and body has been craving. Calm your brain in the most gentle passive way possible, I promise.
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Add on a 10 minute Platinum LED Red Light Session to reduce inflammation and build collagen!

Please arrive by 2pm for the group workshop then we will begin mini individual NeurOptimal sessions. 

Tickets are transferable, no refunds. Please email me with the name of the person you wish to transfer to.

Due to the small space, please no children unless they are registered to do a session. Babies are welcome. 

The address will be sent after registration. Location is close to the 405 and the Getty. Plenty of street parking.

There are only 8 spaces available. Register today!