NEUROPTIMAL "The Revolutionary Package" = 20 sessions

NEUROPTIMAL "The Revolutionary Package" = 20 sessions

You are committed! I see you and congratulate you.
The long term results of re-organizing will be so apparent, you will not even know what to do with yourself! Just kidding, yes you will because you will be so present in your daily life and on track to manifesting so gracefully. You will set an ideal experience that will be our thread for the next 20 sessions.

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20 sessions: $125 each

To register for sessions, make payment above and schedule time here

All sessions are done at my office in Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403 (Mullholland & 405)

*Any home visits will incur an additional $50 fee to be paid on the day.

*Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance, your fee will be forwarded to the next appt. If cancelling within 24 hours, there will be no refund or forwarding to the next appt.