The Path to Mastery Program - 3 month Coaching & Brain Training / Virtual

The Path to Mastery Program - 3 month Coaching & Brain Training / Virtual

For the person who wants to increase productivity, focus and light up their life.

3 month NeurOptimal rental (unlimited brain training sessions)
3 months of weekly private coaching calls

This investment is your opportunity to optimize and clear out your brain in the most organic and non invasive manner available.

"I am so grateful to work with Kelley. I felt so good afterward, even elated [on our first session]." - W.M.

"Kelley is the reason I have stayed in LA. I was a wreck when I first met her and within a couple of months, I am relaxing into my intuition, feeling significantly less anxiety and seeing my professional goals start coming to fruition." - A.P.
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Brain training with KINDbrain and NeurOtpimal is the only sustainable modality because it does not manipulate the brain in any way. It simply shows the brain what it is doing in real time and the brain creates a new neuropathway on its own. So simple yet incredibly powerful. 

When you rent the NeurOptimal system, you have unlimited sessions for the entire 3 months.  I guarantee you wont feel the same at the end of the 3 months.

Working with privately with me will also give you space to put words on the blocks you hold in your body and in your mind.  We work with the framework of your intentions, but go much further and deeper with the intention setting process. 

All of this is very simple, some of it is passive and all of it is powerful. Based on my client's experiences, you will feel even a small shift right away. 

Since you will have the NeurOptimal system in your home or office, you can do sessions as often as daily if you like. They are all cumulative. Each session strengthen and organizes the brain to clear out all the static we have put in it daily for years.

I have helped multiple business executives & entrepreneurs expand or start their businesses. Writers finish and publish their books. Creatives find their dream clients and gigs. All because they harnessed the power of their own brain and intuition to finally relax, find the focus and clear stress. 

"Coaching with Kelley has been immensely helpful. I went from being in a constant state of fear to learning how to use that fear as fuel to push through and continue to grow my business. I continue to work with Kelley and look forward to the future growth both personally and in my business. Kelley has a way of meeting you where you are, finding your strengths and helping you to shine light on them. She believes in you until you find the reasons to trust and believe in yourself." - Andrew, Age 39

I look forward to working with you!